Education Cure (EC) is a cloud based software solutions, and it serving the educational industry with highly scalable, robust and secure erp services. It is a leading company on the field of education software. Delivering easy to use & visual products in global cloud.

EC provides Automate Registration & Admission, Manage Student Information Efficiently, Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements, Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options, Transport Maintenance Management, Trace Students & Staff Attendance, Library Management, Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management, Automated Examination Management System, Maintain Grades , Create Grade Book, Analyse the Performance of a class, Manage Hostel Boarding & lodging, Manage your own Security, Countless MIS Reports Generation, ID Card creation, Offline & Online private mailing, Online exam system etc.

 Our mission

Our mission is to make everyday life of software users easier and more convenient using professional tools with visual outputs. We fulfill our mission using enterprise resource planning software and globally deployed Easy Cloud. We are also happy to deliver on-premise solutions and professional services.

 Team dedicated to the success

Based in India, we are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to deliver the best solutions to the millions of happy users all over the globe. As a self-funded company, where owners have hands on, we not only work together, we live together.

Smart Fee Collection
Accounting(Fee) management software module includes Installment Pattern (Monthly, quarterly, Semester Wise), Configurable fee structure for various heads...
Manage Class Scheduled
Time Table Management Software includes features like Period Setting (Calls Wise, Semester Wise and Lecture Wise), Teacher Wise Maximum and Minimum Periods...
Student Management
Student Information System
The Student Information module is intended to introduce a favorable and organized data exchange environment for incorporating students, parents...
Attendance capture pattern and tracking designed for Lectures, track and manage attendance in all the days at any time...
Manage Book Records
Library management software module include reports like Purchase Register, Purchase Summary, Books Received/Issued...
Some Other Modules
Software Overview

Easy to setup, Easy to use

EC provides easy to use tool. With the help of our system you can manage your all possible activities. While software in general seeks to solve a set of challenges for any educational organization, their success will depend largely on how their intended users are able to access the features in the least possible time.

Auto Refresh Browser

Handy tool for web users which can automatically refresh web pages and avoid unnecessary clicks. Minimum page load time.

Report Name Tag

Organize your files with reports name.

Customize your hardware

You can customize this software according to your requirement.

Fee Management

Fee Management is an easy to use tool for ERP.


The reporting panel provides the best outlook to see the outcomes and status related to the modules. It also includes the status of students, staff, finance, books, transport, hostel, attendance, time table etc.

SMS Alert

You can send the reminder to your students or their parents. This tool help you to coordinate with you users.

Keep your money

EC is an easy to use tool all very easy! ERP. With the help of our system you can present.

Keep your financial track healthy

By using this software solutions, you can manage your inward and outward transactions both. You can also track the fee collections on the daily/hourly basis.

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